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Ana Creative Play / Advertising ∙ Toys Review

Ana Creative Play – a project that promotes creative activities and fun games for children, under the parent’s, family members or teacher’s guidance.

The project revolves around Youtube channel with over 2k subscribers and over 480,000 views. This channel has dedicated playlists for toys and gadgets for kids.

Toys Review

Our toys review promotions package includes:

  • the youtube video, unboxing, test and review;
  • the article to promote your product, where we incorporate pictures, description, the youtube video and a link to your shop (optionally affiliate link);

In addition, we share it on our social media, where we have a constant and sustained presence.

A tip from us: when you send us the package with your product, add to it a sticker of the shop or company, or the maker of the product and we will include it in our video!


Due to bad experience, we do not purchase a product for a full price, with the refund after the promotion. Our colaboration are based on free or discounted products.


This channel is managed by Ana’s parents.

Please feel free to contact us at for more details.

Location: Romania.

Hope to hear from you soon for a future collaboration,