Chicks Maze – Personal Example And The Power Of A Community

Watching how animals behave in certain familiar situations is a wonderful way to help children understand the world around them and develop their social and emotional skills.

We made a cardboard maze that we covered with grass and some flowers. I mentioned the fact that it was intentionally the first time that the chickens were put on the grass. I didn’t do rehearsals. I didn’t use food trails. We wanted to see how the chicks behave when they are suddenly put in a new environment.

Through this activity I learned how important personal example and the power of a community is. The community can protect you during a danger. If you manage to break away from the comfort offered by the community and start exploring, you can become an example for those around you. You can show them that there is no danger. On the contrary, after a certain distance it can be better.

Personal example is very important in our lives because the way we behave and act can influence and inspire those around us. Whether we are chicks, children, parents, community leaders, teachers or friends, our behavior can have a significant impact on those around us.

For example, if we are parents and want to teach our children to be respectful and empathetic, it is important to be an example of respect and empathy in our daily lives. Our children are very attentive to our behavior and will be much more likely to imitate what they see and experience constantly around them.

Also, personal example is very important in a community. An individual’s courage and desire to explore can be a powerful example for other members of the community. If we prove to them that our fears were untrue, other members of the community will be much more likely to adopt the same changes in attitude.

Personal example is very important in our lives because it can influence the behavior and actions of those around us. Through our behavior and our actions, we can inspire, motivate and help others reach their full potential and be the best version of themselves.

During this filming, no chicken was injured. We promise you that we will return with other videos with them.