Paradis Land – Neptun Park Aventura

Paradis Land – Neptun Park Aventura, a location where children can feel at sea as in the mountains

Adventure parks are associated with tall trees and mountains. The taller the trees and the longer the trails, the more attractive the adventure park. Tall trees and mountains provide ideal structures for setting up trails and other adventure elements, but an adventure park set up near the seaside has an added charm.

Even though it is not in the immediate vicinity of the coast and does not have water activities, Paradis Land is one of the main attractions for families who come with children to the seaside in the Neptun – ConstanČ›a area because it has routes that satisfy all ages and levels of experience.

In this adventure park it is mandatory to wear sneakers or footwear suitable for the specific activities in the park to ensure that all participants can enjoy the activities in complete safety. No sandals allowed. Sneakers or shoes with good soles provide grip and stability during activities that may involve zip lines, tree climbing, rock climbing, ziplines or other elements of adventure. Proper footwear can prevent slips, protect feet from sharp objects, including shards of glass in the grass, or uneven terrain, and provide a more comfortable experience during activities. Unfortunately, in Paradis Land – Neptune we encountered a lot of glass shards in the grass. At first I thought they were isolated cases and gave them to the supervisors. After a few minutes I came to the conclusion that there were too many and in sight.

The routes are designed according to the height of the children. It is not advisable to venture on a route recommended for higher altitude as you risk getting stuck on the route. We all tend to overestimate our children. We consider them bigger and stronger. We consider them ready to overcome certain limits imposed by society. Such an approach is not indicated in adventure parks.

In an adventure park children are encouraged to find solutions to different challenges and obstacles they encounter. This is part of the educational and recreational nature of adventure parks, where the focus is on developing children’s cognitive, physical and social skills through interactive experiences and challenges. When children are faced with a puzzle, it is advisable not to immediately offer them the solution. Respect their right to analyze available opportunities and find solutions for themselves. Protect them from other children or more hurried parents! Each participant has his own rhythm of traveling the routes, a rhythm mainly due to previous personal experiences.

The obstacles encountered for the first time and a level of difficulty at the height limit on the yellow routes encouraged Ana to become more confident, more creative, to learn how to approach challenges in a positive and constructive way.