We Released Storks Together With Our Friends Who Took Care Of Them

With excitement we participated at a release of storks that were rescued a few months ago by our friends at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center – ACDB.

We experienced the emotion of bringing these wonderful creatures back to nature. The weather was beautiful, and the place where they were released was carefully chosen so that they could live near the forest and water.

Storks are migratory birds that can travel hundreds or even thousands of kilometers in a single migration season. During these journeys, they may be exposed to various hazards that may injure or affect their health.

Caring for injured storks is important for several reasons:

  • Saving their lives: Injured or sick storks need care and treatment to survive. By providing the necessary care, we can save their lives and help them heal.
  • Protecting the species: Storks are a protected species and are important to the ecosystem. Caring for injured storks helps us protect this species and prevent their extinction.
  • Learning more about birds: By caring for storks, we can learn more about their needs, behavior and bird characteristics. This can help develop species conservation programs or improve the care of other birds.
  • Respect for nature: Caring for injured storks shows respect for nature and all its creatures. Caring for storks can help us connect with nature and become aware of our role in protecting it.

Nature is an important source of inspiration and creative ideas for various fields. Studying and understanding forms, structures and functions in nature can help us find innovative solutions and develop more efficient and sustainable designs and technologies. The first step to discover them is to spend as much time as possible in the middle of nature. Make friends with her. To respect it.

Spending time in nature can provide a variety of sensory experiences that can help children develop their imagination and creativity. They can see new colors, patterns and shapes, hear different sounds, smell aromas and touch different textures and surfaces. These experiences can stimulate the imagination and open up opportunities for play and exploration that help develop creativity.

Video made wich the support of ACDB acdb.ro