We Assembled Our First Magical Gingerbread House

This gingerbread house was among the most appreciated gifts received at Christmas. Assembling a gingerbread house requires both time and patience, but the result is worth all the effort.

Thanks to the current technological facilities, we have less and less patience. We want every wish to be fulfilled immediately. Even if we accept the fact that some activities require a longer time, it is extremely inconvenient for us. Precisely for this reason, we recommend that children be involved in creative activities that require patience. Assembling a gingerbread house is one of them.

Assembling and decorating a gingerbread house are activities that require precise use of hands and fingers. Assembling the parts to form the house and applying the decorations requires careful and controlled movements. This involvement of the hands contributes to the development of coordination and fine motor skills in children, improving the control and precision of their movements.

If when decorating it is advisable to respect children’s creativity, when assembling they need the support and supervision of an adult. Friends, parents, grandparents, older siblings. Assembling a gingerbread house requires observing some basic construction concepts that children do not know. A gingerbread house is not a magnetic assembly game. A gingerbread house is unstable in the first stage. Assembling a gingerbread house is an ideal family activity.

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