OBSBOT Tail Air : AI – Powered PTZ Streaming Camera | Unboxing & Testing

The OBSBOT Tail Air is an AI-powered PTZ streaming camera that can be used in a variety of different scenarios. With OBSBOT’s supported AI algorithm, your livestream experience can be significantly elevated.

I promise to come back soon with another video in which I test the other functions of this camera.


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OBSBOT Tail Air features extraordinary Al capabilities, uses the Al Auto Tracking to follow the target you want, directs the video image with Al Director Grids, and delivers your commands in distance using upgraded Gesture Control 2.0.

  • AI Auto Tracking: The OBSBOT Tail Air features extraordinary AI capabilities to track humans, pets, and even objects at the speed of 120°/s. This makes it ideal for capturing every dynamic moment of your daily routine.
  • AI Director Grids: This feature uses the OBSBOT AI algorithm to automatically divide captured video into different grids in real-time. By clicking on a grid, you can quickly and accurately evaluate your livestream by pushing the corresponding video signal on air.
  • Gesture Control 2.0: Effortlessly manage your OBSBOT Tail Air device with intuitive gestures to simplify your video shooting. Brand new dynamic gestures additionally enable seamless and precise zoom adjustments.
  • Unlimited Extendability Facilitate Livestream Experience: Equipped with multiple interfaces for connection, OBSBOT Tail Air offers the first-ever strong extendabilities of the OBSBOT family. Without compromising video quality or incredible AI features, this device brings more possibilities to your live stream workflow!
  • Seamless Connectivity with NDI Support: With support for NDI|HX3, the OBSBOT Tail Air can provide higher quality and low-latency live streaming video via Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Get ready to experience seamless connectivity with the OBSBOT Tail Air and NDI!
  • Multiple Connection Support: The ports on OBSBOT Tail Air are convenient, making the connection process faster and easier. You can run your livestream by connecting the devices with the USB-C, micro HDMI, or even the PoE-supported Ethernet cable, thus, the Tail Air can join your existed livestream solution effortlessly.
  • Wireless Connection: OBSBOT Tail Air can be wirelessly controlled and presenting the real-time video signal on your mobile devices, your OBSBOT device is ready to help you to capture the most amazing shots for you.
  • Outstanding Livestream Video Performance: Presenting the all-new camera system of OBSBOT Tail Air, with the super clear optical craft and the lens collocation, the image of OBSBOT Tail Air could be extraordinary clear and astonishing.
  • Next-level 4K Streaming Performance: The OBSBOT Tail Air captures more light with increased Pixel Size for exceptional low-light video quality. It also enhances bright light performance for stunningly detailed footage in any lighting condition.
  • 2μm Pixel Size: The OBSBOT Tail Air captures more light with increased Pixel Size for exceptional low-light video quality. It also enhances bright light performance for stunningly detailed footage in any lighting condition.
  • Iconic Low Light Shooting: The OBSBOT Tail Air’s increased true 2μm large pixel size and ƒ1.8 aperture allow for more light to be captured, resulting in exceptional low-light video quality with reduced noise and finer image performance.
  • Exclusive and Effortless Software Support: Enjoy an effortless and limitless livestreaming experience with OBSBOT Tail Air on Obsbot Start App. With simple operations, you can start your real-time livestream from anywhere and adjust image parameters as needed during the stream.
  • One Click to Start Streaming: Obsbot Start offers internal support for popular livestream platforms. With just one click after your presetting, your livestream signal will be instantly on air.
  • Adjustable Parameters: Say goodbye to immutable image settings. With Obsbot Start App, you can customize image parameters before or during your livestream moments and apply them instantaneously.
  • Accessories for Stunning Streaming Experience: Utilize the accessories of OBSBOT Tail Air for a variety of streaming scenarios and enhance your streaming experience.
  • Smart Remote Controller: As the perfect match for OBSBOT Tail Air, the Smart Remote Controller extends control capabilities for up to three Tail Air devices via Bluetooth connection, eliminating mobile phone limitations while keeping the key features usable.
  • 360° Rotation Charging Base: Extend the endurance of your OBSBOT Tail Air device to over 7 hours and can achieve true 360° rotation to capture amazing shots.
  • USB-C to Ethernet Adapter: Designed specifically for OBSBOT Tail Air’s PoE(Power over ethernet) connectivity, the adapter provides stable and smooth signal transmission for your wired NDI connectivity.

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