COZION Curling Iron Automatic – hair curler for cheerful girls

Wavy hair for girls is a type of hairstyle that involves creating curls or waves in the girl’s natural hair. This type of hairstyle is very popular and can be created in a number of ways, including using curlers, hair straighteners or using cosmetics specially designed to create texture and volume in the hair.

Wavy hair can be very versatile and can be tailored to each girl’s individual preferences. Depending on the texture of the natural hair, the waves can be subtle or more obvious, and the hairstyles can be worn in a more relaxed or more formal style, depending on the event they are preparing for.

Ana has straight and very fine and thin hair. I’ll admit, I was afraid to use a heat-based curling iron on her hair. But the temperature control and timer convinced me that I could adjust the settings so that it was safe for her hair. At the first wave she was also nervous. But when she saw how beautiful it came out, she got really excited.

Of course, like any girl with straight hair, she has often wished for curls and volume. Now we are glad we found a safe product for her.

Before using this hair curler we took some precautions to minimize the risks of hair damage and burns. Here are some general recommendations:

  • I started with a low temperature and gradually increased the temperature, depending on the resistance of the hair. This hair curler model has a very easy-to-use temperature adjustment function.
  • I didn’t leave the curling iron on Ana’s hair for too long. The exposure time recommended by the manufacturer is warned by sound and stops automatically. This additional precaution eliminates the risk of the hair dryer being used for a longer time than indicated from the beginning on the LCD screen.
  • We made sure that the child’s hair is completely dry before using the hair curler. Trying to curl wet hair can damage it. When hair is wet, it is loaded with water, which can make strands brittle and break more easily during styling. In addition, water can be turned into steam by the heat of the curler, which can cause burns to the scalp or the skin around the face and neck.
  • We made sure that the hair curler has thermal protection to protect the hair from the heat of the hair curler. Thanks to the double protection system, this hair curler could be used safely.


  • Adjustable time and temperature: for fragile, damaged hair, you should use a low styling temperature of 100-140°C to damage the hair as little as possible. Our curling tongs are adjustable in 80 – 210 °C temperature. 3-19 seconds time setting, you can preset the heating time and temperature according to your hair type and the desired curling result.
  • Double protection: Negative ions and keratin coating of this beach waves curling iron is helpful to reduce the friction of the hair strands in curly hair and protect the hair strong and healthy. Compared to conventional curling irons, curling irons, large curls with double thermal insulation protect your face and hands from scalding.
  • Auto-off and anti-tangling design: 1.5 m length 360 ° rotating cable is more flexible that does not get tangled during use. The curler turns off automatically when not in use for 60 minutes, equipped with an intelligent magnetic induction motor that stops working when too much hair is curled or works incorrectly, no annoying tangling.

Wavy hair can be a way to express creativity and show one’s personality through their appearance, which can lead to a more positive attitude and a better mood.

Every girl has her own preferences and hair styles that best suit her personality and style. It’s important to choose a hairstyle that matches your personality and style and makes you feel comfortable and confident in your own body.