How To Make A Jar With Sand And Seashells From Your Vacation

A creative way to preserve your memories of your vacation at the beach is to take a jar and add sand, shells and other natural elements collected from there. We collected fine sand, crushed shell sand and seashells. Ana put all of these in the jar in layers, and at the end she wanted to place some miniatures as well. She surrounded everything with a string of LEDs and… Voila!

We hope you like the result!

Working with materials such as sand and shells, each child has the opportunity to focus on the details and textures of these natural elements. Each model is unique and reflects the author’s own style and artistic taste. Even if we have certain patterns, we would like to position the sand and shells in a certain way that reminds us of other arrangements admired in the past, it is advisable to respect the children’s freedom of expression. It’s the projects. There is certainly enough sand and shells left to create an arrangement yourself.

The use of sand and shells in various creative activities can arouse curiosity and the desire to learn more about the marine environment and the habitat of these materials. With a simple DIY with shells and sand, you can open the door to education about nature and its conservation if, during the activity, also discuss the ecosystems from which these elements come.

DIY sand activities are a great opportunity to spend quality time with children. You can discuss the arrangement options and any other topic. It is important to discuss. To talk. To speak directly. Face to face. Honest discussions, seasoned with joyful moments, contribute to building a strong emotional connection between parents and children.