How to change soil in potted plants

You want to learn how to change soil in potted plants?

Ana is learning how to care for plants. We had this indoor plant with old soil and we thought about refreshing it. Ana had the chance to see how the roots looks like. Plants need not only light and water, a soil rich in nutrients, but also love and attention.

How to change soil in potted plants

It is recommended not to water the plant before replanting. Dry soil is more easily detached from the roots. If you have an indoor plant that can reach larger sizes – as we have in this example – it is recommended that the plant be planted in a larger pot. The larger the pot, the more the roots will grow. The advantage of a larger pot is that the plant is more stable.

Why is it recommended to encourage children to take care of natural indoor plants?

Children from recent generations live with technology that transmits an extremely fast lifestyle to them. A lifestyle in which with a minimum of effort everything is possible now. Immediate. Now. Now. The impossibility of immediately obtaining a certain desire is associated with the inability to efficiently use the available resources. This way of life has advantages and disadvantages.

The main disadvantage is that they grow up thinking that everything can be obtained immediately and it will be very difficult for them to understand the opposite. To avoid these unpleasant situations, they need examples that balance their personal experience. They need to see with their own eyes that there is no application that can order a natural home flower to bloom to order online. They need to follow the developmental stages of a natural plant.