Learn The Laws Of Nature With Ecosystem By Genius Games

Nature is all around us and we are part of it. Everything is in balance.

Unlike the domestic world we try to control, the wildness follows unwritten rules that deserve to be known and respected. The rules of the game Ecosystem reflect very well these laws of nature.

Each player sorts his cards according to needs. Ex. The bear needs honey and fish. The fish needs water. The bee needs meadows. The fox avoids the wolf and the bear. The water must be continuous and as large as possible. The important role of wolves in nature is found in the high score given to the one with the most wolves.

The game is recommended for children over 10 years. Even though Ana is almost 6 years old, she managed to understand some of the rules for placing the cards. The beginner’s luck was hers. She won the game. The point calculation system is actually more complicated. A child over 10 can understand it.

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