Play with Wooden Puzzles – fish and apple

Wooden puzzles with elements of nature can be the most beautiful memories of an adult ecologist.

Wooden puzzles with low levels of difficulty can be used early to develop motor skills. Together with the parents, the children can learn how to rotate the pieces and how to find their place in the puzzle. In a few years, the same puzzle can be used to test memory. Are they able to complete the puzzle without the help of a parent?

We prefer puzzles with elements of nature. Fish and apple are notions that every child should know. Childhood memories of activities in which they used fish or apple-shaped objects will help them appreciate them. They will love them and protect nature.

Children need beautiful memories

A happy adult has fond memories. One of our responsibilities as parents who hope for a better world is to give our children beautiful memories. Memories that help them keep alive the joy of these magical moments.

For example, a small wooden puzzle can become an interior design item with a very strong emotional charge. It can be kept in its original form or it can be integrated into another larger object. The important thing is that he is close. Be close and bring smiles.