Romania : Welcome to Gura Portitei

Gura Portitei, Romania

This summer, I visited a special beach on the Romanian coast. We wanted to enjoy in peace the waves of the sea, far from the hustle and bustle of a tourist resort.

Gura Portiței is located on a narrow strip of sand, between the Black Sea and the Golovița estuary, in the Danube Delta.

We continue our adventure the next day at Gura Portiței. This time we are exploring the wild beach. We find all kinds of shells, rapans, jellyfish, seagulls and other waterfowl, small fish and even a kind of transparent shrimp. After the walk, Ana had fun at the playground on the beach. Then we get hungry and, to our pleasant surprise, we found ourselves in the middle of a show on the terrace.

Tasty food, joyful music, we are together, another wonderful day :).